Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Overview of Request Life Cycle

The Request life cycle is composed of the series of events that transpire when processing a web request to your web application.

The Web Forms page event life cycle

  1. The Web Forms page event life cycle begins with a request to a Page resource.
  2. The HTTP handler processes the request and initializes the correct Page resource to handle the request.
  3. The page initializes, and all server controls in the page raise their initialization events as well.
  4. On postbacks (when a HTTP Post request is received), Postback Data (data that is available in the form) is loaded.
  5. The page loads and all server controls raise their Load event.
  6. On postbacks, the RaisePostBackEvent event is raised that can be accessed programmatically.
  7. The view state is saved and the event is raised.
  8. The page and all server controls are rendered into markup (HTML) and returned to the web server.
  9. The web server returns the rendered response.


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